TV Alternative Solutions, Video

First, to have Roku and tablo currently streaming, you need hi speed internet.  To this day, many people are looking for basically cheaper alternatives and money and budget seem to be the case.  Just a hint,  it’s not always the amount paid for, it’s what you’re getting for the item.

You have Netflix, Amazon ,Hulu Plus.  Those are the main three.  Then you have many different, various free tv streaming content and you have subscriptions.

Through the years, many people have chosen to take the loophole of purchasing illegal boxes to get FREE shows, movies, and LIVE TV, without asking where is it sourcing from.   So, if you go to a site that does just that,  stay away from them.   This is the incorrect way and illegal way to cut the cable cord.   Many have the fire stick, however,  you might want to think before pressing the play button.  If you buy a fire stick, that is fine.

It comes down to this breakdown.   Everything is new factory sealed, never been used before.  You’re disabling tv services,  still need internet.   If you decide to switch carriers it will take about a week to do.

Roku is about $108.00,  tablo is $180 (2 tuner), antenna is around $55,  portable hard drive is $65.    Many people think that is a lot.  Well consider this much.  You’re paying the IP double that for 12 months.  In 24 months you’re paying triple that.   There is small fine print and perhaps people need to look it over and then say “Hey., I think this guy is telling me something.”  When you subscribe to netflix and hulu plus that is around $18.50.  Add on no commercials that is $3.00.

Steve loves to watch on youtube different videos,  three stooges, honeymooners,  hulu plus, crackle,  and anything he can find.   He will play a game once in a while,  he will mention to small businesses about advertising.