Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

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I will help you sell your services. Through this website and sales Network. Think of it this way, I sell your service, and turn customers over and negotiate a fair commission. That is our middle man fee

We resell on different ecommerce sites, which means, not only we can get customers for any specific businesses, industries, those industries that we work with can introduce our shipping services to their clients and get products shipped faster to the clients home businesses.

3 party companies are no good. Take a look at reviews. According to, many don’t fulfill promises or needs the correct way. They have a weird algorithm. They take the contractors money and share contractors listings to others to make their money. They use fake reviews, think about it, do you really think someone did post a comment.

If you want a better looking website selling the sizzle, we can make arrangements on it, Steve observes different websites and it can happen.

Steve will navigate better than any other 3 rd party marketing company or social media, for sure. it’s a fact, guaranteed!

it’s called Guerilla Marketing.

thank you.

Steve -215-407-9126

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