Cheaper and Better Alternative

First,  take a look at topics we have on this site and the other website.   For sure,  there are still consumers who don’t know how to cut the cable cord.

Some even depend on sellers who do the loophole and abuse by buying what they feel is the legal way and realize the illegal way of watching tv.

The triple play runs around $2100 per year.   Your new tv bill should be around average $200 a yr.

Our tv is Roku and Tablo.  All you need is the current hi-speed internet by your internet provider and always accessible to your mobile devices too.

Steve always wondered back in the ’80s if there was tv where you can watch what you want.  Well, back in 2010, his friend Alex introduced him to Roku.

Roku is an internet streaming media player.  Now,  in the markets of big box stores, internet,  and any websites you search on including search engines, and social media,  the talk is tv.

Pay attention to what Steve is saying here.  He might not be the brightest with sentence structure. However, he loves to watch and wants to make sure the public makes better choice options.