Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Social media can’t compete with us!

Alex has reversed engineered social media , social media use people’s own images against them basically when an image is uploaded their algorithm added alt text and their search engine optimization to divert users to their affiliate links and boom instant sales.

Let’s educate people some more. When someone advertises their product on their vehicle, it is okay, you’re selling the object, what about the details of the object.

The other night, leaving a wawa, this younger guy had his thing up and instagram for doing stuff with vehicles. So I asked him for a website, he said it was instagram. I said to him that is not a website. that is a social media page. There is a difference. He scanned the bar code on my car.

Restaurant owner says it took months to get menu off Grubhub site | wfaa.comhttps://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/muskegon/muskegon-grubhub-nipotes-fricanos-delivery-apps-trouble-removing-munu/69-d88ea6a1-f68d-4b9d-a6c3-be2226bc2f66

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