Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Shipping Software Proposal

What are you waiting for? Unlike the competition out there, we don’t use 3rd party ads. When you use third-party ads and social media, you’re spamming the internet.

We reversed engineering. poshmark facebook marketplace and instagram use people’s own images against them, basically when a image is uploaded their algorithm added alt text and their search engine optimization to divert users to their affiliate links and boom instant sales conversions.

We can take that further with our data and infrastructure.

Do you want your products shipped out fast?

Do you know how to print out labels?

Are you fed up with more and more fees from big companies that don’t do half of what they do?

We own the network, we own the shipping, the brain child behind the shipping is an Apple Developer with many crudentials. Wanna make money on shipping, too?

We do an hourly rate, plus a % royalty on every sale the business makes from the software. Need to call for the numbers.

Royalty is based on gross sales not net sales. Every client takes longer or shorter depends on the client.

Our data centers fees are paid for which helps with the process. Plus, you’re getting an Apple Developer who is making the difference on faster shipping.

Start with, Pecan business is huge, Other companies pay a third party to get up in the search engine ranks. We don’t., another site is on the network, She has incredible custom art and the art work gets shipped fast too. Exploring different arenas to get shipping software to different companies.

Check them out. Order your favorite pecans, order your favorite artwork. Heck, order bulk, and sell to people you know of. We’re the only shipping software you will need.

Do you have a lead we can get for anyone with product? Let us know.

Call for your quote today.


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