Rethinking Employment Beyond Gig work pt2


This essentially explains everything. Those born around 1970-1977 might understand; baby boomers may still be working due to poor planning. They are accustomed to employment with growing companies, but as times change, people must change and adapt.

Platforms such as CareerBuilder, Indeed, FlexJobs, temporary staffing agencies, ZipRecruiter, and others employ gig workers.

Steve was left feeling unhappy and angry after his aunt mentioned something, despite her being a fair critic in her review of the pecans she received for a holiday. She expressed frustration that the older generation struggles to understand certain things. Instead of reacting negatively, Steve responded with a positive outlook. He encouraged anyone with family, friends, or relatives to consider his perspective. Perhaps this explanation could shed some light on the matter.

Explaining E-commerce and the Gig Economy to Skeptics: Shift in Work Culture: Steve’s aunt,  uncles, mother, maybe sister (43 – 3 kids and husband)  he works auto mechanic city Philadelphia, might be accustomed to traditional career paths with stable, long-term employment at a single company. However, it’s important to explain that today’s work culture has evolved. The gig economy represents a significant shift where many individuals, especially from younger generations, are embracing flexible, short-term, and freelance work opportunities. This often includes managing online businesses, freelancing, and contract work, which can provide a level of autonomy and satisfaction that traditional jobs might not offer. E-commerce as a Legitimate Business: E-commerce isn’t just a trend; it’s a substantial industry that’s been growing steadily. Your online business through platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify allows you to reach a global market, unlike a local pizza shop with a limited customer base. It’s a legitimate business model that has created successful enterprises and self-sufficient entrepreneurs. Income Potential and Growth: E-commerce has considerable income potential, often surpassing traditional retail due to its lower overhead costs and the ability to operate 24/7. Moreover, the scalability of e-commerce means that you can grow your business significantly without the proportional increase in costs that a physical store might entail. Customer and Business Focus: Explain that your passion lies in enhancing the customer experience and supporting other businesses through your automated shipping ecosystem. This commitment to service and efficiency is the cornerstone of a successful e-commerce business, which often leads to a loyal customer base and, in turn, a sustainable income. Transition from Gig Work: Gig work has been a stepping stone for many, providing the flexibility to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Emphasize that your e-commerce business represents the transition from gig work to running a full-fledged business that’s more aligned with your skills, interests, and the demand for online shopping convenience.E-commerce Resilience: Remind her that e-commerce proved its resilience during challenging times, such as  the global pandemic, when many traditional businesses struggled. Your business is not just about selling products; it’s about offering a service that’s becoming increasingly essential in people’s lives. By communicating these points, you can help your aunt understand the viability and potential of e-commerce as a career path and why it’s an excellent alternative to traditional employment models, like working at a pizza shop.

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