Tue. May 24th, 2022

Professional Seller Here

Steve first started selling back in middle of 2017. Steve was introduced to selling on Amazon from Alexander Grennor.

Alex , Steve , and Randy can set the market value of items. We can also ackknowledge the shipping service that we have is more dominant and better dependable, reliable than Amazon, Ebay, the apps, facebook marketplace and so forth.

While in Fairless Hills, PA, going around doing candy machines, Alex told Steve to start looking for books, games, puzzles, etc., and start buying items for profit. Little did Steve know years later in 2020 and then beyond this is going to be his thing.

Sadly, candy machine business, honestly isn’t that profitable regardless what people say it is.

Books are easy to sell. Steve acquires books through his private app he uses, the app approves or rejects the books. One day in 2020, Steve was at a thrift store and realized what books do profit. We can’t give any hints, however by judging on the other sellers told Steve what to look for. One lady who has over 7000 books for sale noticed something and said, ” Do you look for novels? Steve responded, “Certain novels, sports, some how to do , cookbooks, it depends?”

At another garage sale in Plymouth Meeting section, near the mall, Steve went to this house and they had books on a book shelf, really cool one and this lady said, “He knows what he is doing, he looks like a professional seller”.

Another big seller was puzzles, why you asked? Because more people are still home and afraid to go out. Steve will ship the item out faster than anyone.

Games are big sellers, however Steve can’t list Fisher Price or another brand because Amazon has a policy thing for listing. Amazon can be very interesting. Steve is willing to work with anyone.

At a garage sale on Sat, 10-17-2020, Steve was in Levittown and this guy was selling trains, new train from a box and Steve offered $5. he refused, Steve offered to go half he list and the guy keeps 50% of profit or Steve could triple the amt and the guy refused.

Steve sees potential profit.


email steve.forman73@outlook.com

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