Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Pet Peeves

Tell us and we will post it. We will not post names or anything like that. Just something we thought about and nice way to vent frustration in a good way.

Lets start with what we can’t stand.

Most people support big companies. Yet big companies take advantage of their workers and get big tax breaks.

Food apps that take a fortune from food owners establishments, claim some type of “free advertisement”. screw contractors over that think they “work for” them.

People who do food apps and are claimed as independent contractors, they never signed up for nothing.

Independent contractors that walk out because they’re getting screwed. I didn’t know you can walk off and that you didn’t agree to anything with that company.

People that rather use an app for food delivery, than trying out website with an advanced shipping service(coming soon supermarket delivery)

How about the propoganda with companies using covid as a tool to rake in profits while the little guy gets screwed. sad isn’t it.

Sad that when Amazon claimed that there were 20k cases of covid but Amazon never shut down. They still run.

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