Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Orangeburg Pecans

This order came in on Monday , Nov, 9, 2020. We helped him with it. He was very patient, patience pays off. What are you waiting for?

This pecan company is awesome, very addictive and sweet, Let me tell you, whether it’s a couple of lbs, whether it’s bulk, fundraising , the most important thing is the shipping. No one comes close to the shipping. It is faster than anyone elses out there. Don’t believe it, there is another subcategory of shipments.

Facts about Pecans and this company.

Fast shipping, they dominate in the shipping

Never has had a return product.

Never run out of product

Different assortment flavors

Chocolate covered are real chocolate not like the other competitors

Choc covered, Cinnamon, keylime, and more.

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