Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Meet Steve the reseller in Philadelphia

This is Steve. He goes out to thrift stores and resells. ISO books, games, puzzles, figurines, toys, anything ordinary.

Steve has had another idea for earning a decent wage. How about $47 per hr, he was talking to a friend down south that used to live in Audubon, NJ, and that friend is 42 yrs of age. So, his friend said he should be earning $42 per hr. Independent contractors don’t even earn that much. This is the new American dream. Let’s think about that one.

Steve has youtube channel, stevie solutions, however, Steve does what he has to do. Steve finds items to flip for major profit. Steve will start filming in thrift stores and let others see what he does.

As a fulltime reseller and getting out of the food industry for good, his job is to take an item, mark it up, sell it online , and flip for 400% profit.

We don’t hustle we invest our capital to work less than 60 minutes a week. Simple minded people hustle smart people invest. Take back your time and make more per minute than most make per hour.

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