Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Gig Jobs Don’t Pay Not Classified as employees!

Companies like Pitney Bowes and Work Market hire independent contractors that pay very little and don’t give enough credit.

Pitney Bowes is a major shipping implemented by Ebay. Think about the next time you get ebay items shipped to you, not the sellers, the shipping Pitney bowes pay contractors dirt cheap and would rather rewards the execs bonuses. Think about this.

Retail doesn’t pay anyone, they all use gig workers. Retail , third parties need to go down, and they’re not accurate. No wonder people can’t earn a decent living during this recession, we can take these companies out big time.

This company claims $15 an hour., claims that, however, which many people should know they’re not paying, they are a 1099 contractor, and the app limits hours to 30 hours so the company comes out on top.

All many lives who worked there were gig worker jobs not paying and people wonder why they couldn’t get hired. Shame on these big companies with big tax breaks.

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