Get Your Packages Delivered with Ease:


Its simple.  The process is like this.

Do you need to ship an item out to a buyer or a business?

We need  Name, Address, business or residential,  city, state, zip code,  measurement, weight. We will let you know which carrier.

No more waiting in line,   We will let you know how much,  we will print the label out and call it a day.

Cashless payments accepted.  

As for the description, is a reselling and shipping service that provides convenient and reliable shipping options for both USPS and UPS .   If you want fed ex we will do that too.  With, you can easily ship your packages without any hassle. They offer free package acceptance from all carriers, 24-hour access to your mailbox, and text alerts when packages arrive.

If you’re using Shopify and need to upgrade your FedEx account, can help you with that too . They offer a range of services to help you with your shipping needs, including printing, packing, and mailbox services .

With, you can rest assured that your packages will be delivered safely and on time. Give them a try today!

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