Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Food Apps

Don’t support the apps . The independent contractors don’t make anything at all. Do the math. Notice every corporation, f ranchisee , food places has this food delivery service. Don’t let them mislead you.

Support your small , local businesses, support us, when you pay for a service from us, you get better quality.

When you order a delivery, you’re going through a 3rd party app, not a pizza shop.

Call your insurance company and tell them you’re picking up food for strangers. good luck.

Uber contracting drivers walked out on strike because of decreased pay for different things. These apps never hired anyone, they don’t know who is who.

That’s all we will say. These apps can say, we don’t know who they are, they don’t work for us. We’re not responsible for anything. Sounds like a ponzy scheme, doesn’t it!!!!

Forget the bottom part. All companies do that.

Delivery services are out of control, they’re on all/ any mobile app.

The problem is that independent contractors need to do the math.

Next time you decide to get your food or anything you need to question something. The independent contractors don’t make that much money, use their own vehicles, have to file a tax return.

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