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There is a facebook page, however we don’t have facebook. We decided to get off of the platform in Nov 2015. It’s too toxic, it’s too much spamming, the big companies are favored.

Let’s start with Joe Biden. As for what is posted everyone is different with political beliefs, after reading this , this might change your mind.

Joe Biden

Politics are one big scripted puppet show. They do a great job of selling to you that it’s a democracy, when indeed it’s all predetermined. In my opinion Biden and Trump are on the same team l. Trump and Obama, and so on. These political figures are actors and sell their goods to you, the American public. No way in my opinion has our vote ever counted. 



Joe Biden riddle.. Credit: Zachary K Hubbard & Benjamin Tetzlaff.

-Joe Biden has become the 46th President-elect in the November 3, 2020 election

-He is the 2nd Catholic President, the only other one being John F. Kennedy, the 35th President, who was killed at age 46

-With regards to Catholicism, there is 46 books in the Catholic Old Testament

-The birthday of the Catholic Pope, Francis, is December 17, the last of which came exactly 46 weeks before the November 3 election

-Ruth Bader Ginsburg died September 18, 46 days before the November 3 Election, and was replaced by the Catholic Amy Coney Barrett

-The Postmaster General put out a warning to 46 states in August about getting mail-in ballots in on time

-Joe Biden lost his son Beau Biden when Beau was 46, on May 30, 2015

-It was announced in September that Jim Carrey would play Joe Biden for the 46th season of Saturday Night Live

-In Joe Biden’s November 7 victory speech, he referenced the Catholic hymn “On Eagle’s Wings”, and that reference came exactly 46 weeks after the birthday of the hymn’s writer, Michael Joncas.

-In gematria, “Catholic” = 35 and 46, using the alphabetic order with the rules of numerology and the reverse alphabetic order with the rules of numerology, respectively. This bodes well with the fact that the only two Catholic presidents in the history of the United States are #35 and #46, the fact that #35 was killed at age 46, the fact that the Catholic #46 lost his 46 year-old son on a day that can be written 30/5, (and 0 does not count in this study, effectively making the 30th of May written like 35), as well as all the other mentioned 46 connections to the Catholic 46th President-Elect.

-One last note, one of the key states that Biden “flipped” from 2016 to give him the Election was Michigan. In gematria, “Michigan” = 46.

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