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When I heard about Kobe bryant helicopter crash, I was thinking, hhhhmmm what could be behind it.

A cartoon on Comedy central predictive programming shown a crash with Kobe in it.


The world needs to read this and do feel free to ask any questions. Refer to Gematria Effect News on youtube in his Kobe playlist to find more. He explains it better than I type it in his videos. If you ask me this is cut and dry a faked death because of the coronavirus agenda.


Let’s begin with the cartoon called CHAMBERLAIN HEIGHTS that predicted Kobe’s crash 4 years prior.

If you’re Kobe, are you going to allow a cartoon to come out that shows you crashing in a helicopter? Then it actually happens 4 years later? Also on Twitter there is a post from some “dummy account” that says “Kobe will die in a helicopter crash” dated years before it happened. I went and saw the post myself. More mocking predictive programming.

Into the #41 and it’s a long list…

1. Kobe died at age 41.

2. His helicopter reportedly crashed 41 minutes after taking off.

3. In gematria the pilots name Ara Zobayon=41 and notice his initials A=1 Z=26 for 1/26.. The day of the crash.

It happened on the 26th. 26 is a special number to “elite” people. 26 letters in the alphabet, Genesis 1-26 like the date of his death. Bryant=26 in Gematria.

4. Kobe’s father was drafted by Golden State and it=41 in Gematria.

5. His dad was drafted 41 years before Kobe retired. 

6. This happened the day of the pro bowl. The score was 14-14 (reflection of 41) when they announced the crash the clock had stopped at 11:13.. Kobe Bryant=113. He debut on 11/3, he was drafted 1st round 13th pick. Zach has shown for years that the #113 is a very deceptive number. As far as 14, FOURTEEN=41 in Gematria.

7. Pro bowl is a week before the Super Bowl. Super bowl=41 in Gematria

8. Lebron “KING” James passed him in all time scoring just one day before the crash. KING=41 in Gematria. Lebron passed him while playing in Philadelphia, where Kobe is from. 

9. In Kobes final game he scored 60 points. The rest of team combined for 41 points. The game he scored 81 points, the rest of the team also had 41 combined. In his final game where he scored 60, his last shot was against number 41 of Utah and he was taken out of the game with 4.1 seconds left.

10. When Lebron passed Kobe, it was on 1/25 or most the world writes it 25/1 like the #251 which is the 54th prime number. Kobe Bean Bryant=54 in Gematria. The score was 74-52 and Lebron scored the 54th point to pass him. 54 has been involved in lots of rituals this season because of super bowl 54.

11. Joann Buss of the Lakers died 41 days before Kobes crash.

12. Shaquille Oneil’s birthday is a span of 41 days after. 

13. Day numerology is something we weren’t taught to use and not by accident. 1+26+20+20= 67.. 

Blood sacrifice=67 Black mamba=67

Calabasas=67 in Gematria (where he crashed)

14. Philadelphia, where he’s from.. Philadelphia=101 and 101 is the 26th prime number. 

Bryant=26 Jordan=26 Sixth=26 like Jordan’s 6 championships. Like God created man on the 6th day in Genesis 26. Game=26 God=26 athlete=26. Died on the 26th.. 

Remember the pro bowl again happened that day? Pro bowl=101. The helicopter crash happened reportedly off highway 101.

15. The Grammys happened this day as well. The 62nd grammys.. Sacrifice=62.

16. Bear Bryant, a famous coach. You know he also died on January 26th like Kobe? Bear=26 Bryant=26. 

17. Kobe died on his 157th day of his age if you go by the span of days. You’ll see the significance of that and more in the screenshots. 

18. Kobe Bryant=157 which is the 37th prime and died 37 years after Bear Bryant. 

19. Lakers went into all star break with 41 wins and in the 1st quarter team Giannis scored 41 points in tribute and in the 3rd quarter both teams put up 41. Cant over look in the 2nd quarter they combined for 81 points just like Kobe’s 81 point game. Kobe Bean Bryant=81 in Gematria as the screenshots show. These screenshots prove Gematria is used if you correspond what Im showing to them. 

20. Back to the 157. The all star game had no clock in the 4th quarter and the target points to win were 157 to win the game. Why 157? Why not 150 or 160? It was in tribute to Kobe obviously.

21. He was supposedly buried  near Corona Del Mar. Interesting name considering coronavirus started right after this.

22. The Lakers Black Mamba uniforms came out January 26th in a game against the Bulls. 2 years to the day of his crash.

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