Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Cut the Cord More Channels than your provider

Welcome to Cut the Cord.

Are you paying a monthly fee on that “cable box”?
Did you know you can buy your own router/modem and have the fraction of cost down more?

Are you aware that Roku or Apple have more channels than your current tv provider?

If you want our services, the per hour rate is $47, every customer is different as to their wants and needs. This will include contacting your internet provider, neatly wiring, doing demo to show you the channels and more.

Keep in mind , where you’re located at, you won’t get a great deal from sales reps trying to get you to switch to their plans. During the pandemic tell them you seen Steve’s site and that you have roku, you don’t pay any fees on a streaming media player. Those tv boxes that the sales reps sell to you are refurbished used boxes. You lose channels you lose money.

We have categories on this subject matter. You need hi speed internet. Many people are accustomed to price and not value, many claim it’s a great deal when the companies take advantage and in the end the consumer is stuck. Click on the category tabs from the arrow and take a look at what we have. If you do the process correct, you can save about $100 or more per month. Per year is about $1500- $2000. That is a lot of money. Watch the pennies, the dollars will follow.

Another thing to watch out for is this. How would you like if a technician did have to install and wiring all over the place, carpets pulled up because they need to hide the wiring, etc.

With Streaming stick, media players, or just a tv, all you need to do is tell it the wireless or wired connection from the internet.

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