Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Cut The Cord With Roku

Are you still trying to save over 60% on your tv bill and internet?

Did you know by owning your own router will simply take off the lease payment? Also , cutting the cable cord, you’re saving more money. Are you interested in learning more? For $60 hr per 2 hours, Steve will come out and do what he has to do for the customer.

Surprisingly, the consumer has the price stuck in their head. We can make it easy for you to read on this page.

Roku came out in 2006, from a gentleman named Anthony Wood. Anthony worked for Netflix, he was creating a dvr box like tivo and the dvr box he created actually flopped. It was doing, so he and Netflix made a deal where they mailed out dvds to residence and businesses.

He told Netflix, you have movie and show content, he would create a streaming media player which could cut the cord and the rest is history.

Roku has streaming media stick, media players and of course tvs.

You need hi speed internet. Call your Internet provider and just run down your current billing statement and ask them the speeds, you’re going to cut the cord,

The companies won’t tell you anything as far as the value, most deal with price.

For an extra fee, Steve or Alexander will do a consultation with anyone either in Philadelphia, PA or Aiken SC.

more to come. http://www.roku.com

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