Tue. Nov 24th, 2020

Cut the Cord Tablo

Looking for a way to save $$$ per month or more?  Get ready to break out the rabbit ears again and enjoy FREE TV with upgrades.

Let me introduce to you Tablo, the first ever digital video recorder (DVR) for Over-The-Air television signals. Using an HDTV antenna, Tablo collects free Over-The-Air HDTV signals (think rabbit ears from the 70’s!) that allow the user to either watch live TV or record programs to an external USB hard drive. Tablo can also connect to a home network through an Ethernet connection.

Ready to get setup and Cut the Cord?

Tablo Setup

tablo connections

Here’s how to start enjoying free Over-the-Air TV with your Tablo:

  • Connect your Antenna
  • Connect your USB HDD
  • Connect Tablo to your Home Network
  • Connect the Power Adapter

Your Tablo will come packaged with a Quick Start Guide which can help you complete setup.

The last thing is each television will need a ROKU.

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