Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Bulk Vending Candy Machines

Hi. It’s Steve, Wanderful Vending. As you know, we’re all in the situations that we are. Please be patient as Steve will get to the locations as soon as he can. While you’re reading this, feel free to check the footers on the bottom of this site, scroll down a little bit.

If you know anyone that does ebay we want to talk to them, If you know anyone that does amazon, we want to help dropship.

We will help sell items, if the item doesn’t sell (book, games, puzzles) Steve will buy it out. He knows what books profits, been doing it for a while.

If you help us find profitable items, we will do a fee with you. we can do 1/3 2/3 , we do the shipping , simple as that.

Call or text, Steve , 215-407-9126, email

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