Attention ReSellers! Boost Earnings $3000 week

Book Sellers  earn more.  If you have a bluetooth scanner that item is $35-$70.   You can profit with our shipping software – $250- $2500.   


Are you a fellow book enthusiast? Do you want to maximize your profits? Well, I’ve got some exciting news for you! Let’s dive into the details:

Barcode Scanners: We all know that barcode scanners are essential tools for efficient sourcing. While some sellers use Bluetooth scanners, I’ve taken it a step further. My customized barcode scanner is perfectly tailored to my needs. It’s like having a trusty sidekick on my sourcing adventures!

Collaboration Opportunity: If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of the book-selling community. So, listen up! Visit, and let’s team up. I propose this  partnership with any reseller who’s up for it. Whether you deal in games, puzzles, toys, or other treasures, let’s chat. Together, we can turn thrift shop finds into gold.  You post it up in your store,  anyway you want too ,  I share it to my listing,  boost it up % more,  chances are that the shipping software coded gets to me first,  then I click on your store name,   buy the book,  agree to either have it shipped to me or meet up,  you make money,  I earn money and we have fun flipping.

Machine Learning and eBay: Ah, the magic of machine learning! I dabble in it too. If you’re curious about eBay strategies, hit me up. Maybe I’ve got a trick or two up my sleeve. As fellow developers and coders, we’re in this together.

Private Shipping Software: Efficiency is the name of the game. My secret weapon? Private shipping software. It streamlines the process, ensuring smooth deliveries and happy customers.

Contact Me: Ready to connect? Head over to my site—I’ve left my number there. You can also reach me at Let’s discuss our shared passion for books, business, and beyond.
Remember, I’ve got data to back this up: another reseller has been selling at least one item per day for the past week. Let’s turn our passion into profit! ????????????

Are you looking to resell new and used books on Amazon? Our platform offers a range of services to help you profit faster. Do you have a Bluetooth scanner, you can scan up to 40 barcodes per minute, which is much faster than using the Amazon Seller photo scanning option. The scanning software instantly shows pricing information, Best Seller Rank (BSR), current listings, and other useful data. Our private shipping software ensures that your books are shipped quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on sourcing more books and growing your business. We also offer tips and tricks to help you find valuable books and increase your profits. Join our community of successful book resellers today and start making money on Amazon!

We talked to another amazon seller and when he showed his store on the amazon app,  clearly he sold a book everyday,  we don’t know the exact price but impressed with data we seen.  

Here is how it will work.   We will share the listing in our store.  When an items sells from us,  we will order from that reseller.  the shipping software algorithm works big time and we have it programmed,   when an item sells we will buy it from that reseller.   the reseller will get paid obviously.  

Our barcode scanner can help you profit from selling VHS, DVDs, games, puzzles, toys, and more. When a sale comes in, we’ll buy the item from you and you can ship it to us. We’ll then ship it quickly to the customer so you can get paid faster. It’s that simple!

Count was at 352.  lets see who pays attention.   this could be major profit for anyone that wants to work with us.  

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