Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Proof our shipping is better!!

Companies are using the pandemic as a tool and an excuse. That is misleading. If the item is priority mail, then the item should be shipped delivered to your doorstep in under 5 days. Think about the next time you get something shipped. if it says First class, the business is doing something wrong or finding the cheapest way as possible. That is also wrong and how so many companies could go out of business.

Can you please do me a favor? Click here. Order your favorite pecans, See how fast you get it.

USPS Click N Ship Review: Doesn’t work 1/2 the time | ComplaintsBoard.com

We ordered a chocolate pecan in a bottle, we had to and we decided to test their shipping, we ordered from San Saba, TX, another pecan company.

Click on the tracking history. We have proof as well that the shipment would have been here on Fri/Sat the weekend before.

USPS.com® – USPS Tracking® Results

Here is what we found.

The Alexander network is better. We work with Orangeburg Pecans, the shipping is faster than other competitors.

FedEx shipment

USPS.com® – USPS Tracking® Results

Click tracking history.

This one was less than 3 days

We have a disrupting shipping service that is better than neo post, Pitney Bowes, Click N Ship, etc. If you order product from a company keep track when it is. If not , offer the shipping services that we have.

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