Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

New Shipping Technology $100k+

It’s sweeping the nation. Whether you’re a small business owner or a company with many various products.

We don’t spend $1 on advertising. Our customers know they will get their items fast and first.

We’re bringing in about $100k this yr in sales.

As of December 11, The shipping software has brought in $1600 in the last hour. No other company has done that.

Dec. 14th, sales for the shipping software was around $4000 for the week. All Orangeburg Pecans has to do is print a label out, ship out the customer either fed ex or USPS. the system does the rest of the work for them and for anyone.

We’re a custom, design, shipping software company. Please, join the Alexander network.

The shipping software has produced over $80,000, the month of November. You need Alex’s shipping software. The Alex shipping system works while you sleep, Completely 100% automated all you need to do is print shipping labels.

The software competes with any company why not level the playing field and join the Alexander network.

As an entrepreneur and a Field Technician for local businesses, I have had many opportunities to observe the role that Shipping & Logistics has in the business.  Within my own business and that of the offices I have served, end-user capabilities, handling I.T., and managing employees are the most common tasks that managers have to oversee.  A concern that has continually cropped up throughout my daily business affairs has been that of how to increase efficiency and productivity-related to Shipping & Logistics.  I asked myself, “How can I help myself and the businesses I serve to increase productivity in this area?”

So began my journey.  Starting with a Local Pecan Shelling Company, I developed a shipping and logistics software that not only allowed efficient handling of orders but was user-friendly. Within two years, this software allowed Orangeburg Pecan Company to go from not having an effective website to having a 21st-century program that allows for effective online business, data collection, and customer service.

E Commerce System With Logistics in Mind

  • Save your company on shipping cost
  • Fully backed up in case of an Emergency
  • Remote training for your employees/staff
  • Print shipping labels out with Ease
  • A proven system that will surpass your expectations

Still reading this article? Why not contact my sales team for a FREE consultation phone call today! Let my team show you how much the system can save you instantly.

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