Steve Forman, , a Philadelphia native, is ready to leave the high-pressure food industry behind. The lack of benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, coupled with personal challenges and the constant demands of social media, have led him to seek a more fulfilling path. Steve’s focus is shifting away from the superficial aspects of social platforms and towards the core principles of productivity and efficiency with reselling and shipping.  Steve also hosts a podcast titled “”

His friend is a stockholder, investor, developer, and coder, originally from the south, previously resided in Audubon, NJ. In 2010, a Craigslist ad posted in the business section in Philadelphia, for small businesses with the assistance of a sales friend was initially meant for door hanging services but eventually led to significant opportunities.  A multifaceted professional,  exciting reputation,  with roles such as programmer, Apple developer, and xcoder, who also holds stock, has transitioned from Amazon to Shopify for his e-commerce endeavors. His Shopify store, which features a variety of items including tote bags and shirts with appealing graphics, is set to expand with the reintroduction of his bookstore. The platform’s advanced search technology, particularly beneficial for Apple developers and coders, facilitates quicker and more efficient product access. The store, aptly named “Made with Love,” can be found at Meanwhile, his wife manages sales on eBay. Show learn more suggestions

Whenever Steve requires authoritative resources, the developer provides him with tailored links and podcasts for guidance. In time, Steve plans to transition away from the pizza business. Should he succeed in assisting merchants to streamline their operations with DoorDash, it would certainly bring a smile to his face. The latest technology is certainly aiding in addressing the culprit.  Increased sales, expanded inventory, rapid shipping—what more could one desire?

With a budding interest in web technologies, Steve is eager to lend his expertise to merchants on DoorDash. As a stock holder, that does get to vote for different companies, His entrepreneurial spirit extends from managing candy machines to operating e-commerce platforms, steering clear of traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. He has a keen eye for sourcing both new and used high-quality goods, including a variety of nuts like pecans and pistachios, as well as books, games, puzzles, toys, and collectible figurines.

Steve is also passionate about supporting fellow resellers, offering assistance to those struggling with sales, particularly book resellers. While he does enjoy educational content on YouTube, he advocates for influencers to provide more concrete details about their products and encourages a move towards hands-on development by hiring programmers, developers, and coders, rather than solely relying on passive affiliate income. Steve’s approach is all about embracing the fundamentals and making a tangible impact in the e-commerce world.

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