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I’m Stupendous and having a great day, Call 215-407-9126, email steve.forman73@outlook.com.

You can facetime me, zoom is cool, it’s up to you.

https://hostupon.com/index.php, this is our web hosting company, and domains are registered with them. We don’t do GoDaddy. Godaddy over-exposes and only cares about one thing. Putting more money in their pockets to suit the investors.

As a reseller on Amazon:

  • Pros of Selling on Amazon 1. No Need to Build a Website and Customers 2. The Mileage You Get and the Volume You can Potentially Sell 3. …
  • Cons Of Selling on Amazon 1. High Competition Among the Sellers 2. Low-Profit Margin? Maybe… 3. Amazon Takes all the Credit
  • Conclusion


The primary disadvantage of selling on Amazon is the fact that there is no real opportunity to upsell customers through the site. Amazon gets the opportunity to recommend other products and those products may not be your own.

Do you watch youtube video, the YouTubers that want likes, followers, subscriptions and only understand selling the product?

You have e-commerce sites, Amazon, ebay, etsy, alibaba and more. The apps you have, too many of them. Then the fees come in, then you have to figure the shipping cost.

Amazon comes down to whether you can list an item on that site, they’re well known and want to help big sellers. They don’t really care for the small sellers. Amazon has also stuck it to resellers and possibly deactivation of accounts.

Ebay, you need the right keywords in casinni or your item won’t be seen. the disgrace of them wanting an extra $1- $6 so that your listing could be seen. When you call , they claim to put in for a suggestion and utilize India sometimes.

Something to think about, you go on our network, when an item sells we want a chunk of that revenue or we will buy it. For a monthly fee, we will import your listings. We will put you in our system, you will be safe.

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