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I’m Steve Forman, Philadelphia, PA, a professional independent stupendous small reseller, stock trader, and remote computer tech. We offer a product line like no one else does, hot new and used, ready to be shipped anywhere in the US, Canada, Mexico. We want to rejuvenate our US economy with items to resell in our economy again, (I don’t work for Amazon)& website guru navigator for a few years. I was introduced to Amazon selling from a friend I met in New Jersey who started selling pine cones… Still READING THIS?!…, for the past couple of years. By selling products like books to start, figurines, pecans, audiobooks, and more, building a foundation with my Amazon and eBay store empire, we have coded in shipping software, and offer more(Merchant Fulfillment), we look for profitable items. When the item gets sold, it gets shipped out fast, 1-3 business days, no exceptions, no excuses(Post office, UPS, Fed-ex). Speaking of shipping, we can now ship from various warehouses around the country. If you never tried selling with me before, you have to see what everyone is talking about. That’s because you have never tried our selling before. Let’s take Orangeburg Pecans, the product is fresh and the machines are sanitized every day for freshness to the customer. The company has a faster-automated system on which a label gets prepared, out to the delivery destination, how much faster (metrics) you will get a product delivered to you. If you have never tried us before, you must see what we have to offer. Orangeburg Pecans earns money on shipping too. Do you like artwork,, custom-made? They have the shipping software too. They love it so much they were renewed another yr. Furniture delivery is available too. Learn how.

Steve is an award-winning seller, has stellar feedback, phenomenal ratings, a faster shipper, earns 400% profit(market value), earns money on shipping costs too. Steve can get a faster return on investment, Make connections as my friend did with Freddy(pecans). For your services to sell their stuff for a percentage. Since it is my Amazon store no cost to you just take a percentage of every sale and no upfront cost to them. Just a free sales associate that brings them money they wouldn’t have otherwise. 

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Order today, have it shipped fasterer than any including Amazon and ebay.
We’re asking for $6000 or bo. It’s on ebay.
We appreciate your business!!
Amazon has taken us worldwide apparently customers like the wording. Making 10 sales a month without even lifting a finger. 
Please help support us over other shipping companies.
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Email, Steve is in Philadelphia, PA.

So, before you get rid of the item, let us know. Click the categories for more info.

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