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Welcome to our empire, We’re the home of Pecanville, we take shipping seriously, let’s go nuts. Nobody does what we do. We’re excited to see and all buyers and any new clients. We’re professional and excited sellers offering awesome products. We can fulfill all of your shipping needs, we set the market value, oh yes we do, we have passive and residual income, online is the wave of the future, and show the competition how shipping is really done better than anyone does. Stuck at home, we will ship items to you faster than anyone and better too. We can average anyone faster shipping times to anywhere in the United States guaranteed plus making any business money on shipping.

We’re hiring All SHIFTZ! You need fiber optic internet and an apple Ipad. Details , click here….

Boost your credit score, wanna save money, Here’s our Services. Read on.

This order came today, 11-9-2020, Customer was awesome, What are you waiting for?

Here is our proposal for any business for the shipping software, click here, The guy that started this shipping service is an Apple Developer.

Even the Pecan is going nuts.http://uspecans.com, Shipment is worldwide, no one else ships worldwide.
Scan with your camera to Steve Xpre$$ Store
Scan with camera to your mobile device, everymailbox.us

Our plan is to acquire as many businesses in and help ship items out fast. Bezos admits that Amazon could go bankrupt.

We’re recognizing our commitment to deliver the fastest shipping to our customers

Our shipping : we offer shipping throughout the US, we go into Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, we’re looking to go to Europe, Asia, South America. (Pecans get shipped everywhere)

As for eBay and Amazon, if you have a problem getting a product or item shipped to someone, tell us, we will make it happen, guaranteed. Watch that sellers’ ratings go down big time because they’re too lazy. Remember , we set the market value. What is price? We know the value of the item.

The empire grows rapidly with our shipping. We can make anyone money with profitable items. The mailbox and every doorstep systems we have are the new mail-order catalogs from the Sears days in the ’50s, we can sell just as Sears did, from every Kindle and computer.

We have the fastest shipping software , faster than anyone, we’re disrupting every industry. Orangeburg Pecans Co has never had a return order, customers continue to reorder and new customers want a product, quality, taste great, long-lasting. We have tried other companies and no other company is close. Other companies need to hire bing and google, need to hire a third-party company to pay for higher rankings. Not us. We will prove it.

From disrupting the Shipping industry to cutting the cable cord, to selling items for major profit, to candy machines, we eaze your mindz.

Learn how Steve has Roku and Tablo. There are articles and categories about cutting the cord. If you a Samsung tv with the apps, you’re on the right path. If you’re paying broadcast tv, you need to rethink. Steve pays $60 a yr for broadcast live local channels. He scans the channels every so often and doesn’t have to pay for local. With Roku, he pays $35 month for hulu, showtime, hallmark, qvc is free. Netflix he might get back and that is $7.99 per month.

In the household, Steve’s mom had directv, when Steve’s dad was alive till 2016, the directv bill was around $110- $160 per month. Steve finally showed his mom and convinced her to get rid of their equipment . The savings is well over $1800 a yr.

We’re three people in America kicking butt in the shipping industry, we want your business!!! Guaranteed, we will help sell your items and earn more than a fraction of the cost, bring it on.

Click below to order pecans below, we now sell choc covered pecans in demand, scroll down below; click one of those sites and see how fast we ship. Bring aboard a company that ships items and needs and wants our shipping. Avoid big companies that wait a week.

If you don’t believe we have the fastest shipping, prove us wrong then.

Candy machine locations, click here!

We ship to where you can’t imagine!

Click the footers below; we ship out Pecans fast, amazon is exploding with ebay, our youtube channel is up still.

We’re having success with our Amazon and Ebay stores, product acquisition. If you have certain items, please don’t hesitate contact us. We’re always looking so you never know what you might have.

We have the solution to the shipping where we ship out items faster than anyone and it’s in the categories and subcategories.

Email steve.forman73@outlook.com, Steve is in Philadelphia, PA.

You can also email alex.grennor@outlook.com; Alex is in Aiken, SC

So, before you get rid of the item, let us know. Click the categories for more info.

More to come as we get this site going https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3LFOry6x9pA4hPNvKVjT0Q

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