Cut the Cable cord! Educating consumers

Must have hi speed internet.     Roku is an internet streaming media player.  It’s not a cable box, it’s not a converter box, it’s not a tv tuner.

Reminder once again that when you cut the cable cord you’re only disabling tv service through the carrier which is Verizon, Comcast, At&t(owns directv), frontier, Cox, Optimum, Time warner, Century Link.

All these companies give you are refurbished, used boxes that when you have a problem the technicians need to contact the offices to reoperate.

Scroll down further to see your new items, what we have and click on desired item(s).  You choose which roku you want(stick,  streaming media player, tv , choose the antenna that is best for you.   We have free vision winegard antenna($55 value),   like we say the antenna if you want indoors or outdoors.

Unlike people that sell fire sticks , confuse consumers, and download uncopyright material which is illegal to do and the wrong way to cut the cable cord, we will show you the correct way to cut the cable cord.  The 30 day money back guarantee rule we stand behind it as well.   Our phone number has been active for at least over 20 yrs.  We have had different  mobile carriers however our phone is always on and ready for you.

Earn up to 20% on installs.   Our install hourly rates go for about 2-3  hours.   We want to make sure the customer is getting what they need.   Please call and ask for rate quote.  Avoid geek squad as well.  They charge more and they’re desparate for pushing their sales limits by making consumers sign up for a credit card and other things.

Current internet setup depending on the company.   Please call us 215-407-9126.    30 day money back guarantee  on Roku and tablo.   Roku is alternative to cable tv and tablo is dvr box that you can record live and any OTA tv that you want.  A tablo requires an antenna, a hard drive to record, and might as well as the coax cable to it for the antenna.

Home and business install theatre in the Philadelphia tri state area.  We show you the correct way from the router,  wifi ,   setup your new factory sealed items and show you the remote,  mobile devices and more.  No more dealing with cable and satellite companies.

We give the customer what they want.  Many choices below.

If you’re not sure of the situation call the IP.    We give the customers everything that they need to keep streaming and saving over 60% per month.

HostUpon Web Hosting

First tablo If you have 3 or more tv’s then it’s the 4 tuner.  If you have 2  then it’s the 2 tuner.   Questions call Steve 215-407-9126.

Home and Business Install Theatre  here in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware.  Call for a quote today.

Hi speed internet required.  All you need is your current setup.

How many tvs do you have?

Are you a netflix movie guru?   How would you like a complimentary 2 weeks hulu plus?   Did you know that your OTA is FREE broadcasting? Introducing Tablo OTA DVR box .  You need a portable hard drive for recording and an antenna.

Do you have satellite?  That satellite isn’t supposed to be on the roof of any foundation according to a roofer we spoke to.    It causes damage , pipe problems, friction and more.     In fact if the satellite you have it actually helps with the antenna as well.

Call today and speak to Steve.

Before you go to the retail places,  search on the internet,   give us a call .

Our monthly tv bill is $30 per month.