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We have our other website www.whatzonyourmind.com.   What would you like to see on that site?  Get rid of Adsense and check out bing.

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HostUpon Web Hosting
HostUpon Web Hosting

Avoid Godaddy and Yelp.  Godaddy is for those that don’t know the true meaning of webhosting.   Hostupon, our  preferred webhosting actually gives you a better piece of mind, better platform, learn to actually do a productive site and more.    Yelp actually scares businesses away and if you want negative feedback removed you need to pony up.

Now Hiring.   We want to work something out with anyone who has a current website.    Many might not know how to properly do a site and yes it does take time.  Do you want clickable ads?   Do you want more traffic?

Let us handle that for you.  Click on the either banner first.  Hostupon will help you out.   We have Whatz On Your Mind.  We have Cost Per Click and best part is its free to sign up as advertiser or publisher.    Anyone on the internet can click on your space and you get paid for it.

We can help you out .

Wanna cut the cable cord for good and not sure check out what we have.

Do you know a location for a placement of a candy machine?

Most importantly avoid Adsense,  Ebay,  and if we think of anything else we will pass it along to you.

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